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State Representative Hilda Santiago is a mother, public servant, and as Asst. Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore, the highest ranking elected Latina in Connecticut government.

Hilda brings an important perspective to the discussion around voting rights. Of all the progressive issues she's fought for, from the $15 minimum wage to Paid Family and Medical Leave, and all of the initiatives we continue to fight for, are impossible without first ensuring safe, convenient access to the ballot box.

Born in Naranjito, Puerto Rico and raised in New York City, Hilda's family moved to Meriden, Connecticut during her senior year of high school. She was elected to serve Meriden’s 84th Assembly District in 2012. During her tenure, she has served as Assistant Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore, and on the legislature's Finance, Revenue & Bonding, Government Administration & Elections, and Human Services Committees.

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