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Voting Rights

Hilda will never stop fighting against attacks from any level of government made on the right to vote. It is the right that informs and protects all others, and it must be guarded fiercely.


Early Voting

As a member of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, Hilda helped get Early Voting on the 2022 ballot, and no one will campaign harder than she will to make it law.


No-Excuse Absentee Ballots

Another bill Hilda helped pass as a member of the GAE Committee, No-Excuse Absentee Balloting still needs one more round of legislative approval before going to the voters. Hilda has the relationships and experience to make sure that happens.


Town Clerks

Local control is a cherished part of Connecticut government. As Secretary of the State, Hilda will keep lines of communication open and make sure that our local Clerks have the resources they need to effectively administer elections.


Town Registrars

Hilda will fight for laws that empower our local Registrars of Voters to keep accurate, up-to-date voter rolls, fight needless political purges, and offer modern amenities like verification by email and translation services.

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